One of the e-Learning classrooms is specially equipped with software that allows blind students and workers to access digital content in an audio format and print text in Braille

The Lighthouse for the Blind provides classes for the newly blind focused on life skills training. These classes teach the use of walking sticks, operation of devices for the blind and other necessary skills to allow the recently sightless clients to lead more independent and enriched lives.  

Many adults suffering from macular degeneration have never had to operate without sight and without these classes would lead lives of virtual isolation.

The facility also offers e-Learning programs that provide web-based access to instruction to students at the secondary and university levels. It also offers technical courses for blind workers. Supplied with talking software that allows students to access digital material and voice recognition software that allows them to input data, the center offers a unique resource for students and workers without sight.

Your support can keep the e-Learning and Life Skills programs going. Your donations will be targeted to hiring trained occupational therapists that can help newly-blinded individuals acquire the skills to help them lead useful and mobile lives. Eventually, the center would like to supply hand-held devices and phones with voice recognition and talking software that will allow their clients to send and receive emails and texts as well as access content on websites from their mobile devices. Click below to make a donation to keep these programs alive!

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American Friends of the Blind in Greece: Our Vision

The American Friends of the Blind in Greece works toward a day when blind and severely sight-impaired people in Greece have access to the best possible support and opportunities available to blind people worldwide.


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The Need Continues

After decades of slowly improving circumstances for the sightless in Greece, conditions for the blind have taken a drastic downturn as a result of the faltering economy of Greece. If you have ever considered helping to improve the lives of others less fortunate than you, now is the perfect time to act.

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