The National Archaeological Museum participated for the eighth consecutive year in the 'October - Month awareness for blind or visually impaired individuals, "suggested served at The Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece sightseeing Collection Vase and Miniature Museum, on" The art of clay in antiquity '.

 For this purpose on October 21, 2013 Wednesday, a 10-member team of The Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece with their escorts attended specially arranged tour during which they were able to tour several of the halls of the museum and meet precise replicas of ancient clay objects (vases, figurines, toys, etc.) and original exhibits through tactile contact.

 The action took place in suitable space within the Museum was to promote "art beyond sight" and become cultural goods accessible to people with vision problem. The benefits of such an action are manifold since encouraged the creation of mental images, to develop tactile skills, fostering critical faculties as well as contact with an environment rich in stimuli.

After a very interesting tour for participants followed coffee and conversation in the "Garden of the Museum" a few meters from the main building, under the cool shade of the trees, a very warm and sunny day.

Emotions gained attendees was very positive admittedly. The enthusiasm and unflagging interest in all combined with the willingness to actively participate in interactive points of acquaintance with the "art of clay in antiquity 'vindicated undoubtedly the institution and spawned a desire for further involvement in such actions.  

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