Meaningful Employment for the Blind

  • Broom and Brush Factory

    This complex machine donated by The American Friends Of The Blind In Greece can insert bristles into the bodies of six brushes at once..

    The Broom and Brush factory employs blind (and deaf) workers to produce brushes, mops, and brooms for sale to industry. It offers meaningful employment with appropriate wages to blind workers who are supporting their families.

  • FAROS: Training in Braille

    The Braille typewriters are unlike any other typewriter and they require a good deal of instruction and practice to master.

    Faros offers instructional training for sighted and blind people in reading and typing Braille. For the blind clients, the need to read and type Braille is a matter of basic communication survival. 

  • Life Skills Training

    One of the e-Learning classrooms is specially equipped with software that allows blind students and workers to access digital content in an audio format and print text in Braille

    Faros provides classes for the newly blind focused on life skills training. These classes teach the use of walking sticks, operation of devices for the blind and other necessary skills to allow the recently sightless clients to lead more independent and enriched lives.  

  • The Metal Workshop

    Some of the components manufactured in the sheltered workshop include fittings, pressed metal signs, belt buckles, custom key blanks and industrial components

    The metal workshop provides meaningful employment for blind adults who manufacture metal and plastic components for industry, government, and military contracts and who in turn are able to support their families.

  • The Textile Workshop

    This small facility employs six blind workers and a blind manager who produce thousands of pillowcases and sheets for hospitals and hotels.

    The Textile Workshop provides meaningful employment to sightless adults through the production of sheets and pillowcases under contracts with hotels and hospitals. 

American Friends of the Blind in Greece: Our Vision

The American Friends of the Blind in Greece works toward a day when blind and severely sight-impaired people in Greece have access to the best possible support and opportunities available to blind people worldwide.


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The Need Continues

After decades of slowly improving circumstances for the sightless in Greece, conditions for the blind have taken a drastic downturn as a result of the faltering economy of Greece. If you have ever considered helping to improve the lives of others less fortunate than you, now is the perfect time to act.

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