• The Braille Lending Library has thousands of volumes of classic, current, and reference books in stock and many thousands out on loan. The largest facility of its kind in Greece has a collection of Braille volumes that has been built up over decades and includes books on a myriad of subjects. 

  • The Adult Ceramics Workshop and Ceramic Programs for Multi-handicapped Children are often the first exposure that blind people have to the world of sightless activities.

  • The Faros Health Clinic offers a broad array of services for the blind. There is physical and mental health consulting, a small but well stocked fitness center and a shop that sells devices for blind people to manage their health and life. 

  • Faros offers instructional training for sighted and blind people in reading and typing Braille. For the blind clients, the need to read and type Braille is a matter of basic communication survival. 

  • Faros provides classes for the newly blind focused on life skills training. These classes teach the use of walking sticks, operation of devices for the blind and other necessary skills to allow the recently sightless clients to lead more independent and enriched lives.  

  • The recording studio creates audio transcriptions of books and periodicals on media (tape, CD, downloadable files) allowing blind people the opportunity to enjoy content published on paper.  

  • The Tactual Museum is one of only four such museums for the blind in the world. It allows blind people of all ages to touch and appreciate replicas of major artworks as well as architectural models of famous buildings and cultural objects.  

American Friends of the Blind in Greece: Our Vision

The American Friends of the Blind in Greece works toward a day when blind and severely sight-impaired people in Greece have access to the best possible support and opportunities available to blind people worldwide.


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2019 The Need Continues

After decades of slowly improving circumstances for the sightless in Greece, conditions for the blind have taken a drastic downturn as a result of the faltering economy of Greece. If you have ever considered helping to improve the lives of others less fortunate than you, now is the perfect time to act.

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