Mark is a trial lawyer and director with McLane Middleton based in Manchester, N.H. His practice centers around environmental and commercial litigation. Mark has served on numerous professional committees, as well as local and state non-profit boards. His professional committee work has focused on improving access to justice for those in need. Some of the non-profit boards on which he has worked have focused on providing social services and legal services to the economically disadvantaged, others on improving the environment.

American Friends of the Blind in Greece: Our Vision

The American Friends of the Blind in Greece works toward a day when blind and severely sight-impaired people in Greece have access to the best possible support and opportunities available to blind people worldwide.


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The Need Continues

After decades of slowly improving circumstances for the sightless in Greece, conditions for the blind have taken a drastic downturn as a result of the faltering economy of Greece. If you have ever considered helping to improve the lives of others less fortunate than you, now is the perfect time to act.

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