• Who We Are

    facebook iconBeginning a tradition in 1946, concerned Greek-Americans established The American Friends Of The Blind In Greece with their own savings to provide resources and support to the neglected blind in Greece. 

    What We Do

    Starting small, The American Friends of the Blind in Greece first brought visually impaired children to the United States to study agricultural methods so they would have essential, in-demand skills upon their return to Greece to facilitate the ability to earn a living on their own.  Eventually our organization established a small school for the blind outside of Athens.  Over the years, our contributions in conjunction with other charitable donations led to the creation of The Lighthouse for the Blind In Greece. For almost 70 years, the American Friends of the Blind in Greece has contributed to the blind in Greece to improve their quality of life.

    Why We Need Your Help

    Recently, the situation for the blind in Greece has become increasingly dire. Government funding has been cut dramatically; grants have decreased by 90%; and the Lighthouse for the Blind in Greece is continually presented with adults who need our assistance with education, training, life skills and the ability to support themselves.

    We urge you to help those who need help the most, and join us in our efforts to provide support for the blind in Greece.

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    Our Major Efforts Include

    The Lighthouse for the BlindFounding The Lighthouse for the Blind in 1946 to provide the first formal education for the blind in Greece and to increase the literacy rate.

    Forming alliances with production workshops to offer visually impaired individuals the life skills training and resources to obtain dignified employment. Over the last half century our initiatives have successfully reduced the rate of homelessness, begging, and famine amongst this population. Furthermore, we’ve aided the blind and their families in gaining a real sense of hope as they establish independence and self-sufficiency in the world.

    Our Story
  • Tactual Museum, Damage to Facility

    The Tactual Museum, unique in Greece and one of the very few of its kind in the world, was founded in 1984 for the visually impaired to share our cultural inher...

  • Renovation Works

    Talking Books Studios - Lending Library

    The Talking Books’ Lending Library is a Department widely used by visually impaired people of all ages, especially by...

  • New Advancements in Technology for The Blind

    On 6/22/2015 the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award honored the business proposal “Smartguide” of George Karkoulias and Nikos Thravalos.

  • In Memory of James Adams

    In July 2014, James Adams, a past Board Member and past President of the American Friends of the Blind in Greece who has been associated with the organization f...

  • Visit to the National Archaeological Museum

    The National Archaeological Museum participated for the eighth consecutive year in the 'October - Month awareness for blind or visually impaired individuals,...

American Friends of the Blind in Greece: Our Vision

The American Friends of the Blind in Greece works toward a day when blind and severely sight-impaired people in Greece have access to the best possible support and opportunities available to blind people worldwide.


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The Need Continues

After decades of slowly improving circumstances for the sightless in Greece, conditions for the blind have taken a drastic downturn as a result of the faltering economy of Greece. If you have ever considered helping to improve the lives of others less fortunate than you, now is the perfect time to act.

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